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Brandt 1

Year 22-26 (Fall) - Hobby Hot

Brandt Family:
Samantha Brandt- Female Adult - Popularity - Become Hall of Famer - Libra
Boone Brandt - Male Teen - Pleasure - Have 50 1st Dates - Gemini
Kade Brandt - Male Teen - Fortune - Become Hall of Famer - Scorpio
Kapri Brandt - Female Teen - Knowledge - Become Space Pirate - Gemini
Rowan Brandt - Male Teen - Pleasure - Become Game Designer - Cancer

Last Round: When we last visited the Brandt family Gregory passes away and the family deals with it in their own ways.  Each of the kids has an intended, Boone did a lot of dating, and Samantha was mostly in the background. At the end of the round Haley left for uni, and we have seen her story continue in those updates.

The kids and Samantha are all up and out of bed at the same time for this first day of fall.  It is a school day, so the kids all head off to private school, and Samantha heads to work after getting a few skills.

These four do most everything together, sometimes directed by me, other times not.  When they get home from school it's a large homework session right inside the door.  No one can enter or leave until the kids are done with homework.

Then it's friend making time.  Almost everyone ends up on the phone with people they know, and Boone even got a best friend out of this phone call.

I can honestly say I do not remember sending...Kade...I think, to the store to shop for clothes.  I don't remember what he bought, or why.  I didn't even play this lot a long time ago, but when I saw the picture I don't have any recollection of it.

The kids all sit down for a meal of spaghetti, which I think Boone made, although it might have been Kade to made it.  Both of them autonomously make food for the others fairly frequently.  At least I know they won't starve in college.

Boone gets hooked by the ballet bar outside.  I eventually directed him to stop using it and go to bed.  I think he was out here until about 4 AM.  He got up a little after everyone else the next morning, but still in time to go to school.

Another homework session which turns into a dance party. This family does enjoy the dancing.  We can also see Samantha in the back skilling.  She might have been learning Physiology today since she needed to make her body points for a promotion.  She ends up learning it and getting most of her needed skills.

Boone then gets back to dating.  Now, from his memories, it appears he has had 21 first dates, but in the last update, the count was at 18.  So I may have miscounted or missed a couple of dates.  I am going to guess my count of his memories was correct and call these dates #22 and #23.

For date #24 the gypsy brings him Hilda Schurenjager.  He speaks with her and then says goodbye.

Inside the house, someone, I believe Boone, brought home Ginger Newson from school.  She sits and eats the salad that Rowan fixed up for the family and talks with Kapri.

The dating outside continues with dates #25 and #26.  One of them being the cow mascot.  Boone isn't interested in any of these people, he already has Ariana Rosada as his intended, but it's first dates none the less, and that's all he cares about.

That evening dates #25 and #26 push Boone over the half-way mark.  He shouldn't have a problem finishing up these dates the first couple of years of university and then can settle down with Ariana for good.

Speaking of university, 4 taxis pull up outside of the house to take the last four of Samantha's kids to university.  She runs out to say goodbye.  (She actually runs to the first car and waves, then runs to the last car and waves...the others were already gone or she might have run to each car.) 

With the kids gone, it's time to focus on Samantha.  Using the ballet bar she finally maxes her body skills.  This means she is ready for the next promotion at work.  She is working in the Athletics field and is only a couple of promotions from meeting her LTW.

Samantha has been invited to the fitness hobby lot, since she has spent so much time doing things like yoga, jogging, etc.  There she meets the leader and finds he is very attractive...2-bolts hot.  He's the first guy that isn't already taken that is.  (She thinks Charles Profitt and Brennan Brooks are hot, but they each have someone already.)

She tries to talk to him and it goes great.  They actually reach a friendship really easily. There are a few topics he won't talk to her about, but overall they match wonderfully.

It's not the sports lot, but they play kicky ball just the same and draw the other patrons to watch them.  Samantha also finds the guy in the blue shirt...Craig someone, attractive, but trying to talk with him lead to a lot of red x's, they don't have much in common at all.

Back at home the hobby lot guy, whose name is Richard Beckett, becomes best friends with Samantha and agrees to move in with her.  She is getting close to being an elder, so they will not likely have kids, but it gives her someone to be with now that all the kids are gone.  Richard moves in with $1 on Thursday, July 20, 24.  He is a popularity sim with the LTW of having 20 Best Friends.

Richard needs some clothes and heads to the clothing lot to buy some new clothes for him, and a wedding dress....just in case, for Samantha.  They have not had any plans to marry yet, but he just moved in.

He also got a bit of a make-over and hated it, so I changed it a bit more and while he still didn't like it, I decided to leave it anyway.  I liked it.

As you may, or may not remember, we have set up a graveyard for the sims of Fellowship One.  Gregory was out haunting and scared Samantha so much she peed herself.  So off to the graveyard he went.  I hope to have sims occasionally "sneak out" at night and go there....seems like something teens would do.  Dare each other to go into the haunted graveyard. :)

I have never seen this before.  This happened multiple times the first night Richard was here.  He seemed to have bad dreams.  He rolled back and forth and then set up straight in bed with some kind of thought bubble, here is for one of the girls from the hobby lot.  I don't know what caused it, but he had plummeting needs each time and by the time he woke up for the day each need bar was pretty low.

As is customary, on Saturday the two head to the lake.  They spent the first part of the time there just interacting over and over with each other.  Normally I try to stay somewhat hands-off sims when I take them here, but I decided to make them both fish.  After that, they fished, talked with people, fished again, and do some other things on the lot.

At the end of fall, we see Richard talking of the Kirkendall boys I believe.  He doesn't know a lot of people and currently doesn't work.  He will spend his days greeting people from the town and trying his best to befriend them. This same night, as we flipped into the winter season, a large snow storm hit.  So when we visit here next there will be a lot of snow.

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