Thursday, September 19, 2013

Cooprider 1

Year 17-21 (Summer) - Ups and Downs

Cooprider Family:
Layce Cooprider - Female Elder - Knowledge - Become Mad Scientist - Leo
Siba Cooprider - Female Elder - Fortune - Become Criminal Mastermind - Libra
Celeste Cooprider-Tinker - Female Adult - Family - Become Captain Hero - Libra

Stephen Tinker - Male Adult  - Family - Become Captain Hero - Capricorn
Michaell Cooprider - Female Teen - Knowledge - Become Criminal Mastermind - Aries
Kricket Cooprider - Female Teen - Popularity - Become Professional Party Guest - Sagittarius

Last Round: The kids worked to find love matches in the hood.  Risto headed to uni, the family stayed busy and visited the lake.

The Cooprider's are still working on being friends as well as family.  Layce and Celeste reach best friend status while Stephen looks on.

Celeste is doing quite well in her Military job, even though she would really like to be working towards being Captain Hero.  The family needs money from somewhere and Stephen still isn't working.

As is true with most of the elders in the hood Layce and Siba know they will probably not be meeting their LTW.  Siba is a bit sad about missing out on making her fortune.

The kids bring home a lot of the neighborhood kids from school, but today we invited over the Pott's kids. Kricket wanted to hang out with her boyfriend Luke.

Kricket sneaks out once in awhile to hang out with her friends.  She still sneaks, even though everyone is so busy no one ever notices.

The sisters, Siba and Layce, are quite close and spend a lot of their time together.  They have discussions about all kinds of topics, study new things together and just hang out together in general.

Dancing is still a major pastime around the house, and even the kids that get brought home join in.  It's a great fun builder for them.  Kricket notices she also was wearing matching pants with a boy in her school.

Everyone wanted to invite Risto over, so he made a visit to the family home, without Donatella.  Kricket's boyfriend, Luke Potts, also came over.

Luke and Kricket are taking steps in their relationship.  They are cute, and their genetics are different enough to keep things interesting as long as they stay together.

Celeste is still not getting pregnant, although not for lacking of trying on Stephen and Celeste's part.  They are beginning to give up on the idea of having a baby of their own and Stephen buys a womrat to fill that gap.

Then, tragedy strikes the family early in the morning of February 19.  It's year 20 in the hood and Siba Cooprider is taken to the hereafter with Layce looking on.  Layce is devastated to loose her sister.

After losing Siba the family takes a trip down to the lake to get out of the house for awhile and be a family together. Luck still isn't with the family as Stephen gets taken in by a pick pocket who steals all the money from his pockets.

Layce knows that her time is also coming to leave the physical sim plane and begins to make arrangements and give away her personal belongings.

Life does begin to get back to normal, lots of studying, homework, meals and conversations going on.  The house still feels small for so many people living there, and they still don't have much money for furniture and life is starting to look up.

Celeste decides if she can't have a baby that is a puppy is better than nothing and so a small little white puppy is adopted.  I don't remember the puppies name right now, but I believe it is a he and very cute.

Then late on the 19th of November, exactly 8 months after her sister, Layce gets taken to the great beyond.  She was more prepared than Siba and even gets a hula girl.  It was 9:13 PM when Layce faded away with Grim.

One good thing to finally happen to the family is, Stephen and Celeste found their dream jobs...well almost.  They are both now working for SimCity's finest....well ok, The Fellowship's finest and are working towards being Captain Hero's.  Stephen realizes he needs to get into shape and makes good use of Celeste's military training ground.

Then it's time once again for Family Sunday.  We invite Melody Tinker over, but decide Wanda probably wouldn't want to come.  Risto also arrives from uni with Donatella with him.  I wonder if Risto and Donatella will be in a bubble like Miles and Aquamarine.

They quickly show us that will not be the case as Donatella being dancing alone and Risto goes off to talk to someone else.  Melody and Michaell are getting to be decent friends, which will help Melody break into the group at uni.

Melody is getting along pretty well with everyone in this family, and we see that in this case, blended families are working decently well.  Kricket and Melody play some hacky sack and Risto is once again on the move.

All of the kids...except for Michaell (who I think was just sitting in another area of this room) all eat some lunch together.  It gives Melody a chance to get to know her step-brother and his intended a bit better.

Yes, life is really starting to look up and both Stephen and Celeste are very happy with their new jobs and their life together.

Late one night Celeste hurries to the toilet to be sick.  It would appear that Celeste is finally pregnant.  Then we realize that is actually happening...

Unfortunately, without me, and without Celeste ever showing a sign of being pregnant, she miscarries the baby.  It's a very sad night for Celeste and Stephen as they are starting to feel their baby dreams slipping away.  However, it is also a special night for Michaell.

After one more game of chess with Melody Michaell hops in a taxi to take her to uni where she will being the next chapter of her life.  She never found a love interest around town, so hopefully uni will offer more exciting prospects.

Kricket "celebrates" her sisters success in her own way.  Next round it will be time for Kricket to head off to uni, where she will probably continue to date her boyfriend Luke.

The summer was kind and unkind in many ways to the Coopriders and they can only hope fall will be a little more forgiving.  It will also see the return of Risto to the family nest, probably.  He is the heir, but someone should also keep the Romero house going while the boys are in uni.  Time will tell how it all plays out.


  1. Awww poor Celeste and Stephen...losing the little one. On the other hand, goodbye to Layce and Siba as well. It is the ever turning circle of Sim life!

    1. This was quite a house, and I had NO idea Celeste was pregnant or I would have made her rest a lot more, which might have helped. She was in pretty rough shape, mood wise. I felt so bad.

  2. Poor Celeste, perhaps next time she'll have more luck. Layce & Siba said farewells. (I've never played these families but feel I know them as I've read so much about them over the years!). Good that Stephen & Celeste got their jobs though. I do love the reward for Military- cracks me up every time a sim uses it. :D

    1. The reward is very fun to watch. It was a bit of a lifesaver in this house. I understand what you mean about "knowing" them even though you haven't played them. :)

  3. Sorry about the loss of the baby. Alas, those things happen.

    1. Yeah, I didn't think she was pregnant, so I had her working to the edge of her needs. If I had known I would have made her go lay down. :( I think they are about out of time too.