Thursday, September 19, 2013

Upton 1

Year 17-21 (Summer) - Needs and Robots

Upton Family:
Marshall Upton - Male Elder - Fortune - Earn $100,000 - Aries

Last Round: Miles and Marshall hung out and talked.  Marshall spent time with Corky, and Miles went off to college. Marshall visited a hobby lot, and tried to recapture some of his childhood.

Marshall needed something to pass the time while Miles was in university.  Since Marshall is interested in money he decided to make robots.  So a robot station was bought and Marshall got to work.

He continues to work on them, night after night, day after day.  Before long Marshall gets a Bronze badge in Robotics.

He does do more than just work on the Robotics.  For instance he calls all of the people in his life, usually the ladies, and keep in touch by phone.

He also has people over....again, mostly ladies, and entertains them.  Many of his female interests will be passing on in the next couple of rounds, so it's good to stay in touch now.

Marshall also does take care of his needs, even though he is feeling sleep deprived at times.  He may not be a good cook, but he prepare the basics.

We also take trips outside of the house too.  Marshall is a guy who like girls, so on Saturday we take our typical trip to the neighborhood lake and Marshall gets to know Stephen Tinker's ex-wife.

The events that have occurred in her life have left her a bit loony.  Even Marshall isn't sure she is worth the trouble once she pulls out the floor bag baby.  Poor Wanda Tinker has had it a bit rough in this hood.

The regression to childhood for Marshall started last round and it has continued to grow, little by little.  Hoping around barefoot in puddles at the lake would be an example.  If he's not careful people will start thinking Marshall is loony.

Once the social, physical and......other....needs are completed Marshall heads back to the robot station and works away again.  By the time Family Sunday rolls around Marshall has made it to the Silver Badge level.

Family Sunday's are very small in this hood, so we have begun to make them a little bigger by inviting intendeds as well.  Later we may even invite the intended families to join in, until it all gets too big, but for now Miles come home with his intended, Aquamarine and Corky brings over Marshall's daughter, Hailey.

The family Sunday goes very well, Marshall getting to know his daughter a little more.  Miles and Aquamarine acts much as they do in uni, swooning all over each other.  They are really a good match.

Marshall decides to show off how spry he still is, even in his old age to Hailey and Corky.  I don't know how impressed Corky was, besides Marshall....she's married now.

Marshall takes a phone call in the middle of the day and everyone else continues to entertain themselves while he is talking.  I don't know that Miles and Aquamarine every interacted with anyone but each other all Sunday.

Marshall and Corky dance a little after Hailey went home to her step-father.  There might still be a bit of heat here but Corky is a good wife and very devoted to her children.  She goes home without any incident.

With Corky gone Marshall takes time to talk with Aquamarine.  She actually returns the conversation and breaks out of the Miles bubble she was in most of the day.

Family Sunday finishes with everyone traveling back to their homes and no major events.  Seeing Corky made Marshall wish for some companionship for the night and invites Beulah over.

Summer ends quietly, much as it started.  Marshall still waits for Miles to come home, and likely with a soon to be bride by his side.  That is one couple that appears will stand the test of time....and uni.


  1. Ahhhh Marshall Upton the lady killer. hehehe! Nice to see him interacting with his family! That Beulah...she is something else besides!

    1. Marshall really seems to miss Miles and he got along well with Aquamarine. He is quite the ladies man though. :) The elders in this hood are pretty crazy. :)

  2. I wonder if Marshall will make a servo when he gets Gold? I do love the robots, they are chaotic but fun. He's a sociable guy. Poor old Wanda, she's looking kinda sad. :D

    1. Yeah, I'll have to make sure Wanda gets a good story in Megalahood, because she isn't doing so well here. I haven't decided what Marshall will do with a gold yet. :)

  3. I had forgot that Marshal has a daughter. She's cute!

    1. Yeah, I like Hailey, and she looks a lot like her half-brother and sister that sometimes I forget she's Marshall's too.