Thursday, September 19, 2013

Potts 1

Year 17-21 (Summer) - Drama Sunday

Potts Family:
Alexandria Potts - Female Adult - Fortune - Become Hall of Famer - Libra
Ryan Potts - Male Teen - Pleasure - Have 50 1st Dates - Virgo
Lilly Potts - Female Teen - Romance - Become Celebrity Chef - Leo
Logan Potts - Male Teen - Knowledge - Become Prestidigitator - Leo
Luke Potts - Male Teen - Pleasure - Become Professional Party Guest - Pisces
Lydia Potts - Female Teen - Family - Reach Golden Anniversary - Capricorn

Last Round: Logan meets his match in Melody Tinker, there is a lot of dancing and Ryan speed dates through many girls/women trying for that 50th 1st date. Luke met and like Kircket Cooprider, Lydia gets involved with a Profitt. Lilly also takes a man to her bed, with Bob.

Camden and Lilly make an interesting match, both being romance, but I'm not sure Lilly is very interested since Camden is so mean.

The same cannot be said about Lydia and Michael Profitt, who are now in love and going steady.  I really like how the neighborhood match ups are going.  There are so many strong couples, and a variety of mixtures in their looks that make me excited to see the future generations.

Then the dating revolving door beings once again.  The first girl Ryan spends some decent time with and then we move on to date #13 (I think).  Lilly decides not to be left out of the dating parade and orders herself a date.  It's a good think Alexandra works a lot....the kids spend all the money she brings home on dates.

Lydia and Michael are very sweet together and really enjoying spending all their free time together.  Ryan can be seen taking a quick dating break to grab some food made by his sister.

Then the dating spree is back in full force for Ryan.  He bashes through dates 14 through 16 next.  He really is on a roll and while the dating gets very tiring he will be close, if not 1/2 way through the dates before heading to uni.

It is very common to see all the kids on the phone to their respective friends.  It's a good thing they all have cell phones or no one would ever be able to reach anyone.  They talk about a variety of subjects.

Lilly finds a boy that she seems to like quite a bit.  I do not remember his name currently but she decides to spend some time with him.

Alexandra makes a rare appearance to hang out with Ryan and a girl someone brought home from school.  I think she has the right idea, sort of....trying to control all these teenagers the tiniest amount would take more effort than Alexandra probably has.

Lilly and the blonde boy have a home date and enjoy playing some games.  This is a very teenage first date....lots of talking and playing and not much of anything else.  I'm sure eventually he'll become a notch though.

Meanwhile, Ryan has a date that was not from the matchmaker.  She gets brought home from school occasionally and Ryan does like her quite a bit.

She takes a chance and gives Ryan his first kiss.  His sister has bed an older man, his other sister and one brother are going steady and done plenty more....and actually his other brother has done more too....all younger.  But Ryan waits for his first kiss to be about 1/4 of the way through his dates.  It's kind of sweet.

The kids spend a lot of time together and they really do look out for each other.  Of course they also dance a lot most families in Fellowship One and in most of the simverse.

I found it sort of funny there was nearly simultaneous flower drop offs from the dates earlier that day.  Everyone enjoyed their dates quite a bit, even if one didn't do anything but play games, and the other had a kiss.

Back to the dating carousel with what I THINK are dates 18, 19, and 20.  Ryan is a very busy boy with the dating and is getting so very close to the 1/2 way point.  I would love to get him through 25 dates before he leaves, but time is running short and we'll just have to get through what we can.

Saturday finally came (this round felt very long) and the kids all took a trip to the lake.  Alexandra had to work and is doing quite well at her job, thanks for asking. Anyway, 

Luke and Kricket were still spending a lot of time together.  They really are sweet together, although they also spend an extraordinary amount of time in bed together too.

Ryan grabs onto date #21 before Family Sunday gets here and he is "uncontrollable" so we can see what craziness happens with the family.  He will head to uni tomorrow so this will be where he ends the dates for now.

Lilly and Camden have a moment in which we realize there is a chance they might hit it off.  I might match Lilly up with another romancer and just have them be the crazy romance house.

Blonde boy really really liked Lilly and brought her a present.  This dance sphere will be fun to have around with all the teens and a mom who needs body skills.

Camden also enjoyed his time with Lilly....they must have had a date, and he brought them a telescope.  This family suddenly looks respectable on the outside of the house.

Luke instantly want to use the dance sphere and hops in.  His mom, Alexandra comes out to watch and cheer him on.  She may also be able to provide some pointers.  She is in pretty good shape for her job.  Sadly, nothing helps Luke.

Alexandra hops in the next morning to try her luck and show her kids how to do it.  She manages to stay in and really gets going in it.

It's time for family Sunday, and we have started to do things a little differently once again.  Instead of just inviting the intended over we are inviting the intended and all their family.  This will get the families to mix a little more and possibly invite a little drama.  Alexandra came home with a friend, in the black and red jump suit who will also join them.

We forgot Risto in uni for the Coopriders, but the rest are here for Kricket and Luke.  The Profitt clan shows up for Michael and Lydia.  This should be fun with Bob in the mix.  Melody Tinker is is also brought over, her dad already here and I forgot to bring the mom.  Probably just as well since first Michaell gets upset over a perceived cheat.  Not sure by who.

Then we discover ANOTHER creepy aunt moment when Sandra Profitt makes a pass at Craig Profitt, who quickly falls in love with her.  This could be why Michaell was upset, I think her and Craig had a quick fling.

 Then Lilly, who had been chatting up her mother's beau, starts making out with Bob right in front of him.  He's really supposed to be there for Alexandra who had to go to work again, so I guess her teenage daughter is a good substitute. 

The party starts to move inside and things seem to smooth out a little bit.  Melody and her dad, Stephen do a duo dance for everyone interested in watching.  Everyone else was mostly behaving themselves.

Then Alexandra's guy left for the day and said good-bye in a way that surprised Lilly and myself.  Lilly didn't mind, but I sort of did.  I thought you were going to be good for Alexandra random sim!  Bob, of course, doesn't mind in the least.

Ryan decides to leave for uni while Family Sunday is starting to wrap up.  I don't blame him, go to uni, where life will likely be less crazy than this.  Who knows with the new group though, they may be worse.

 Many of the members are still here, including Craig Profitt, who has already proven he doesn't mind making out with an old lady.  Michaell show's she might be getting a bit particular with her appearance.

Luke and Logan work to fix up, repair and clean the kitchen which the multiple guests have left in a shambles.  It take awhile, but soon everything is back to normal.

Craig has one more shocking moment for us on this Family Sunday when he kisses Alexandra good-bye before heading home.  It was quite a family Sunday.

So with that craziness complete, and Ryan off at uni the summer comes to an end.  It has been quite a ride for this family so far, and next round the house will become very empty as all the kids will be in uni.  Alexandra may be able to get some screen time then.


  1. Oh my goodness so much drama! hahahaha! Surprising to see who the teens like in adults. Bob Profit doesn't surprise me, but Craig and Alexandra?? hahaha!

    1. I never dreamed Craig would go for Alexandra. They are good friends, but it certainly surprised me. Craig is having trouble finding someone his own age group to be with. I sort of hope he'll find someone in uni. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Ryan did well to get 21 dates before Uni. I tried with Donny Burb in my Pleasantview and he only got 20 teens before they were recycled. I feel I have this LTW nailed now- I've done it about 3 times recently, lol. :)
    I'm figuring you have hacks to allow the teen/adult relationships- makes for some interesting match ups for the future.

    1. I use different hacks/cheats for each of my hoods. Keeps me on my toes. :) This hood uses ACR and InTeen, so all sorts of strange relationships develop. :) It's fun though. I have done the 50 1st dates a couple times in Breeze Point, and have it 2 or 3 times in this hood so far, so I feel like I'm getting pretty good at it. It's still tedious though. Thanks for reading! :)

    2. 50 first dates - I actually did it once in an unblogged hood, but it was A LOT of work.
      Yay for cell phones and date gifts! :)