Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Profitt 1

Year 17-21 (Summer) - Mourning Secretly

Profitt Family:
Sandra Profitt - Female Elder - Family - Raise 20 Puppies or Kittens - Gemini
Susan Profitt - Female Elder - Family - Graduate 3 Kids from College - Cancer
Bob Profitt - Male Adult - Romance - WooHoo with 20 Different Sims - Scorpio
Craig Profitt - Male Teen - Fortune - Become the Law - Libra
Michael Profitt - Male Teen - Knowledge - Become a Prestidigitator - Aquarius

Last Round: Bob works on some romances with women his own age.  There was dancing, an uneventful day at the park, and dating. Sandra found a distraction to keep her from her nephews. 

If we remember anything that has been happening this round we will remember that the distraction Sandra found last round has not been very helpful during Family Sunday's around the hood and Craig is now in love with her.  They now spend a lot of time together.

Craig seems to realize he needs someone different then his great aunt in his life and asks the matchmaker for a match.  He's had a rough time finding love in the neighborhood, most of the girls are paired up already.  The matchmaker graciously gives him someone who has many qualities of his great aunt....including her age.

Perhaps he should take advice from his father on this particular category as he has no troubles finding ladies or getting them to fall for him.

Michael spends some time in the new hot tub they got at the end of spring with some of his friends. He's already found his girl.

The family still has meals together whenever possible, although they are still short of space, even with Charles at college.

The maillady Dagmar thinks about Bob, and Bob thinks about her (although he's in disguise.)  I mean uniform, he's in uniform.

Sandra has been behaving herself around the boys, and spends quite a bit of time on the phone.  The boys work on homework everyday after school.  They are both good students.

Then, on November 22 in the year 18 Sandra came home from work to an unwelcome visitor.  It was 9:27 PM when she gave in and left her life.

She is a more unusual ghost and visits her old house the same evening.  She is happy no one managed to move her bed in the few hours before she got back.  Maybe it seemed like longer to her.

Sandra is a little lost without her sister.  I feared she go back to old habits, but seemed to have dealt with her nephew obsessions.

Craig was bringing home a few girls from school.  So far there isn't anyone super special for him, he might have to wait until college at this rate.  There aren't enough girls his age to go around anyway, so that is acceptable.

Father and son work on their body skills in the side yard jumping rope.

Saturdays are still very typically spent at the lake.  It's a great place to meet people and this week Bob meets Tina Busto (Howie's widow.)

The boys leave the lake a bit early and head to the shops in order to get cell phones.  The house has survived with just a single phone, but it's becoming difficult to keep up with friends.  The family has the funds at the moment, with Susan's inheritance.

Sandra seems to suddenly remember she had a distraction and wants to spend time with him again.  This is great, since Craig is going to try again for a date, hopefully closer to his own age.

The matchmaker fails miserably.  I don't even think they had any bolts of attraction, and it's Moria, she's not going to last too much longer.  The search for a suitable companion for Craig continues.

Michael, happy with his life, takes time out to literally smell the flowers. (Yes this was autonomous.)

Sandra doesn't even notice anything going on and just enjoys her time with distraction man.  She should enjoy it while she can.

Especially since on November 1 in the 20th year Sandra was visited by the ripper.  She made it nearly 2 years beyond her sister but was ready to go.

Bob, perhaps more shaken then he appeared to have lost both aunt and mother goes to the matchmaker himself.  Usually there is no shortage of women for Bob, but the matchmaker brings him one anyway.

She will do for Bob just fine.  He takes a love potion (I think) and bring her to his bed.  I believe her name is Tara Miguel and she becomes a notch on Bob's bedpost.

Then it is time for, what are becoming very exciting, Family Sunday.  There aren't TOO many members of even the intended's families to bring but we do our best.  Charles comes home with Hedwig and the entire Busto clan is invited.  Then the Potts are brought over for Lydia.  Craig still hasn't found a match, so no one is invited for him.

Ryan Potts and Tina Busto spend some time together.  I wonder if Tina accepted the offer because she is somewhat interested in Bob after their meeting at the park.

Craig still remembers kissing Alexandra Potts at the party, but they seem able to laugh about it now.  

Charles and Hedwig spend some quality time together in the hot tub.  They get so little of it in university.....NOT.

Rufus makes good use of the family Sunday to become best friends with his...uncle, Antonio.

The majority of people moved into the little house and hung out there.  Overall the Sunday was going well, and fairly uneventful.

Until Hedwig started in on her step-grandmother, Tina.  They seemed fine during the Busto family Sunday, but something has irritated Hedwig and Tina.

We soon discover that perhaps Craig may have laughed off the incident over at the Potts, but Alexandria hadn't.  I'm sure Alexandria is probably a little lonely, and getting tired of being in the background, but I'm not sure this was necessary.

Tina and Hedwig become enemies and then start a fight.  I forgot to write down who won, but I think it was Hedwig.  These family Sunday's are going to get interesting when Charles and Hedwig move back home.

Outside, some of the kids get to know each other better and enjoy the hot tub.  No major enemies or tensions here.

Bob takes some actual time to say hi to his boys and spend a little time with them.  

Then he heads out and "comforts" Tina.  Maybe Hedwig indicated Tina wasn't attractive, and Bob stepped in to claim otherwise.

His mother makes another appearance and scares him.  She may not be happy about his life choices.  She can probably make him miserable for it now.

Late at night, after the boys are in bed, and the families have all gone home Bob sneaks out to the backyard and mourns his mother and aunt.  He may not have always acted like it, but he missed them.

We didn't take a picture, but I'm pretty sure Craig also took this time to move to the doors at the university, which is where we will see him next, at the end of this round.


  1. Great round and action packed. I love family Sunday's and parties and it seems you do too, :) Yeah ghosts do seem to enjoy themselves when they come back to haunt don't they?!

    1. I have really gotten into doing family Sunday's. It's a great way to get a lot of the family members to get to know each other....especially with siblings sometimes years apart, but also has fun tensions too. :) Thanks for reading.

  2. Woowoo a Fellowship update. I love to play Bob Profitt. He is as much fun as Don Lothario! Boy that Alexandria goes for the younguns, huh. hahah!!

    1. Alexandria is having a rough time. One of the guys she was interested in went after her daughter, so maybe she tried to go after someone young too to get back at

  3. Haha, the face on Bob when he gets scared - it's priceless :D

    1. Yeah, it's a great face. :) Glad you came by.