Sunday, December 29, 2013

Rosada 1

Year 17-21 (Summer) - Thief in the Night

Rosada Family:
Ariana Rosada - Female Teen - Pleasure - Have 50 Dream Dates - Aries 
Brigid Rosada - Female Teen - Popularity - Become The Law - Pisces 
Danielle Rosada - Female Teen -  Romance - Become Celebrity Chef - Taurus

Last Round: The triplets start meeting matches and the twins head off to university. Brigid got taken in by the pickpocket at the lake and lost some money.  Danielle and Rufus have a bit of a fling. The family receives a magic lamp and wishes for money. 

Brigid is definitely a popularity sim.  She brings friends home from school and work all the time.

 The girls spend lots of time socializing but also spend quite a bit of time skilling as well.  Their big sisters taught them well. 

The house, starting to look a little nicer, gets targeted by a burglar.  Not exactly what the girls needed, but at least the magic lamp gave them some money.

The burglar of course targets all of the new items the girls have purchased.  Sadly, one of those things has not a burglar alarm but one of the girls was awake and quickly (and quietly) call the cops.

The cops show up and fight the thief.  Luckily the cop wins and the girls are awarded for helping to catch him.

This doesn't help Ariana deal with the theft however, even though the items were quickly replaced.

Perhaps because of the burglary, or maybe she just decided it was time to ask Boone to go steady.  He agrees, but this may cause problems since Boone is still working through 50 1st Dates.

The girls love games and so with some of the genie money they purchased Don't Wake the Lama.  (Editor's Note:  I've never actually had my sims buy/play this game.  It's cute!  lol) Danielle is the first to really want to play.

It does not take long, however, to entice the others to come play with her.  I believe the boy is Chandler Platz, a friend of Brigid's I think.

Boone, happy with Ariana, brings her a gift of a plant.  That's a pretty good, standard gift.

Ariana decides it's beyond time for everyone to have cell phones, so she goes and buys them with some more of the genie money.

Yes the older Rosada sisters instilled good habits into their younger sisters.  Every day the homework gets done, usually right after school, but sometimes after work.

Tradition is still to spend Saturday's at the lake in town, and the girls head there and have a good time.  No one got tricked or taken in by the thief this time around.

Carmine came over to visit Brigid, along with some of the other intendeds.  Apparently the sisters were very short on food because Carmine starts digging through their trash...and eating it.


Danielle is doing well at work, and brings home the hoods other rather infamous romance girl, Lilly Potts.

Before you know it, it's time for Family Sunday again.  The twins, Aquamarine and Amethyst are back from uni with their intendeds, the Potts and Roma's are also brought over, as well as the Norwood's (for Bruce), and Marshall Upton.  This will be an interesting gathering of many families.

The day starts off well, Beulah goes after Marshall Upton right away.  It's starting to become typical that Miles and Aquamarine stick to themselves during family gatherings.

The call of double beds drags most of the teens and their boys to the bedroom where we have a standoff on who gets to use the large room full of bed first.

Meanwhile, outside, the gathering is in full swing, most people dancing and having a great time.  It appears this family Sunday may run smoothly.

The gathering eventually moves in doors and things start to fall apart a bit.  Shasta Norwood and Danielle begin poking each other. 

Apparently that's all they care to do, however, and things go back to being pleasant and most everyone eats some food one of the girls made.

A friendly game of Don't Wake the Lama beings in the front yard and the we see that even college kids can really enjoy this game.

Before the night ends, with everything going well, a shoving match breaks out between 2 of the boys, Kade Brandt and Carmine Roma.

This shoving match between the two soon escalates into a fight.  I have no idea why these two are so mad at each other, I can't think of anything that would have caused this last round, or earlier this round, but it's a brawl.

The fight ends with Carmine Roma beating Kade Brandt and all the guests go home.  This certainly will not help the boys relationship and could make university very interesting with this group of youngsters.

And so ends Summer at the Rosada house.  Next season one of the sisters will be home to take over the house, and the triplets will head off to university themselves.


  1. Ah so often Family Sunday's end up in a fight... I often find 2 of my sims at it and have no idea why they are mad at each other.
    I like the Rosada's house, it's suits them!

    1. Thanks, I really like this house too, although I hope to upgrade it some more soon. These crazy sims seem to get mad so easy.

  2. Nothing I like better to do on a holiday off from work, and that is to have a Fellowship blog to read. the weekend family get togethers are fun to read, I agree, the Rosada house suits the girls.

    1. I'm glad I got these done for you to enjoy during the holiday then. :) Thanks for reading.

  3. Starting to look like my Family Sundays! :)

    1. These families are just crazy, lol. Mostly not enemies yet, but uni could get interesting.