Monday, December 30, 2013

Kirkendall 1

Year 17-21 (Summer) - #50

Kirkendall Family:
Temperance Kirkendall - Female Teen - Pleasure - Have 50 1st Dates - Gemini
Darcy Kirkendall - Male Teen - Family - Have 6 Grandchildren - Aquarius
Jacquan Kirkendall - Male Teen - Knowledge - Become Criminal Mastermind - Capricorn 

Last Round: Temperance  dated, a LOT, and got herself up to 28 or 29 1st dates. Esmond went to university where we saw him later that round. Darcy and Jacquan meet Tosha Go and both fall for her, but Darcy already had a match, so she'll be with Jacquan.

When we first open the house and prepare to start the round I become very worried something is wrong in this house.  Both Darcy and Jacquan are partially to fully invisible.


Luckily it sorts itself out as soon as they get out of bed and everything can proceed as normal.  WHEW!  The twins both desire to be close to their sister, but only one of them has reached friendship level at this point.  They also wish to be close to each other, but Tosha Go did destroy their relationship a bit last round.

It is then time for Temperance to work on her multiple dates.  I can't remember for sure if Rufus' date counted, so I will start the counting at date #28 through #32.


That night, Darcy hunts some fireflies and manages to catch a few.  He then lets them go, not wanting them to die in the jar over night.

Later that night Temperance continues her dating streak with dates 33 through 35.

One of the boys, I believe this is Jacquan, decides to do some late night fishing in their pond.

The kids still all enjoy playing chess, and take a lot of time to play, building up those logic skills.

There is also a TON of dancing that goes on in this house.  The twins seem to like to dancing at each other. :)

Temperance is bound and determined to get through all 50 1st dates before she goes to university.  She knows who she is going to be with (Rufus Busto) and just wants to make sure she finishes her vow of have 50 1st dates before then.  She gets through date 43 on this spree.



Meanwhile, who I still think might be Jacquan does some more fishing.  He is really enjoying fishing in their lake and is supplying them with plenty of food in the process.

The twins bring home quite a few friends and Temperance tries to get to know them too.  She even brings home friends once in awhile.

Feeling so close to reaching her goal Temperance reaches first date # 47.



It's Friday night, and the boys don't have dates with their girls, and Temperance decides to take some time off her spree dating and they all go hang out at Inter@ctive.

Temperance enjoyed playing some pinball and even had an admirer who played with her for a bit.

With a nice break and a fun time with her brothers completed it's back to finishing up those dates.  She must have had that date with Rufus, because this brings the count to 49 dates without it, and this completes her first dates (which means it's actually date 50.)


Temperance celebrates meeting the nearly impossible goal by playing some more chess with her brother.  She feels fulfilled in her life now and is ready to take on any challenge.

The kids take Saturday to go to the lake and just enjoy the weekend.  They have a good time, but don't stay too long because they need to get ready for family Sunday.

Temperance wants to share the good news with Rufus and calls him and a friend they are losing touch with over.  This may look like a burglary, but that thief happens to be the families friend.

Before you know it, it's Family Sunday time.  The families are all starting to get to know each other pretty well and they aren't all very happy with each other.  This time we bring over Tosha Go, the Brandt's and then Busto's, as well as Hedwig's intended, Charles.

Instantly we have a problem. Hedwig and Tina do NOT get along at all.  They were doing find during the Busto update, but have grown to hate each other since.

Everyone else is doing fine, and getting along.  Tosha talks with Jacquan and they grow closer, while Rufus, Charles and Temperance also have a chat.

Outside, additional couples are hanging out and having a good time (not all of them romantically involved.)

Then it appears that Rufus and Charles get into it, but it could be Tosha, it's hard to tell from the picture and I don't fully remember.

All this fighting in his family has the youngest Busto very upset.

Outside, where no one can see him on the side of the house, little Antonio Busto cries.

Things calm down for a bit and the families mingle and enjoy their time together.  A girl from the school comes by and crashes the party as well.

This makes Boone Brandt happy, as they had a really good date once.  He's still working on his 50 1st dates, but already has an intended he really likes, so sorry honey, you probably aren't getting in yet.

Hedwig is not done with Tina yet, and starts to stalk her out by the pond.  Tina completely ignores her and continues to fish.  Hedwig eventually leaves.

With Sunday starting to wrap up Temperance takes her things and heads out to go to university with Rufus.  She's happy to start her life, and the twins are going to be fine with Edmond coming back soon.


Rufus brings out some of his meanness on Boone Brandt then, and picks a fight with him.

Boone rises to the occasion and starts an all out brawl with Rufus, throwing everything he can at him.

It's not enough, and Boone ends up in the wall with Rufus winning the fight, and thus ends another rather eventful family Sunday, and summer in Fellowship One.


  1. Aww poor little Antonio crying outside at all the brawling.
    Temperance did brilliantly! I've never had a Sim complete that before Uni, I seem to run out of sims for them to date, lol. Great job for her, now she can enjoy Uni without worrying about the want.
    Sometimes when Sims are at odds it makes the game so much more interesting. :D

    1. It's true. In Breeze Point I try and minimize a lot of the drama, but it can make the rounds seem really long. I don't try and "protect" any of these guys. It's a lot more entertaining. :)

  2. Bustos are naturally mean Sims. heh Perhaps Hedwig was angry at Tina for marrying her dad. Who knows??? Congrats on fulfilling the 50 first dates wish. It is tuff!

    1. Thanks. I am REALLY tired of that want. It seems like 1/2 the teens in the hood wished for that. I'm sure it isn't that many, but it feels like it. I'm glad she's done. :)

  3. Congratulations on the 50 first dates- at some Point I will go for it in Mattsmyra too ;)

    1. It is not easy, but with a matchmaker, and using the formula of greet (or be introduced by the matchmaker), entertain, say good-bye, it's doable. I was getting a good 5 or more dates in a day.